Whole30 Cooking

Posted on Apr 1, 2017

“Whole30 will change your life. We’re referring to your health, habits, and relationship with food” When I opened up a loaned cookbook, I was greeted with this line. The past three weeks have been insane to say the least, but at the top of it all, a client wound up introducing me to “Whole30”. I did hours of reading upon the referral, followed by lots of time spent on the Internet and even some purchasing of a few new books. Whole 30 is a nutritional program designed to change the way you feel and eat in just 30...

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Bread Glorious Bread

Posted on Mar 13, 2017

A really good college friend of mine Jeff Dubin gave me a starter from a mill that closed down in Watsonville a long time ago…he told me that the grains are from about a hundred years ago, so I have been trying my bread skills the last few weeks. The first bread I made was a bread with Guinness (my favorite beer,) jalapeño, and sharp cheddar cheese. It dissapeared fast at my house. Tonight I made it without beer and added jalapeño olive oil, and it tastes delicious. Testing recipes are always fun, but...

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Reading and Cooking Ayurvedic

Posted on Feb 4, 2017

I am catching up on some reading and contrary to what I thought, eating on an Ayurvedic diet doesn’t just mean eating legumes, rice and vegetables. A basic Ayurveda diet principles can be applied to any cuisine, be it Mediterranean, Asian, European, or whichever kind you prefer. Ayurveda recognizes six tastes and it’s quite important to have all of them in your diet every day. The six tastes are: Sweet – sugar, honey, rice, pasta, milk, etc. Sour – lemons, hard cheese, yogurt, vinegar, etc. Salty –...

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Working as a personal chef

Posted on Jan 13, 2017

I have been getting lots of question from friends lately as to why I like being a personal chef. After much thought, I believe that I like the freedom it gives me to be creative and think outside of the box. That is why I called my business “Sarda’s Fusion Catering.” My theory is, why have a regular potpie when you can have a curry one instead? Instead of plain, regular samosa, switch it up with a taco mixture! Blending my two cultures into one concept allows me to share my history and tastes with others in the...

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The Spice Box

Posted on Oct 7, 2016

The Spice Box

I decided to leave my Indian spice box that I have used for 25 years at a client house the other day who I cook for weekly, and this morning I started to fill a new one in my own home, and I started to think back of all the spices my palate has enjoyed. When I was growing up in England, spices were not just a part of every meal, but our way of life. In India they are also used for everyday healing. My oldest sister (Ramila) cooked with brilliant yellow turmeric powder daily and she also used it for holy prayers...

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Mithai (Indian Sweet)

Posted on Jul 5, 2016

Magaj: my sister-in-law came to visit me a few months ago and made this delicious dessert. I asked her for the recipe and made it myself, it came out delicious. I don’t make a lot of Indian sweets mostly because I have a sweet tooth and can’t resist the mithai (Indian sweet.) Magaj: It is made from ghee, coarse roasted and fragrant chickpea flour and sugar it is gluten free.

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