BreadA really good college friend of mine Jeff Dubin gave me a starter from a mill that closed down in Watsonville a long time ago…he told me that the grains are from about a hundred years ago, so I have been trying my bread skills the last few weeks. The first bread I made was a bread with Guinness (my favorite beer,) jalapeño, and sharp cheddar cheese. It dissapeared fast at my house. Tonight I made it without beer and added jalapeño olive oil, and it tastes delicious. Testing recipes are always fun, but sometimes costly when you’re experimenting. I asked Damien at Georis Winery if he would be kind enough to give me some wine from bottom of the barrel from the winery for my experimentation. He came back with some lees for me. 🙂 I added commercial yeast to the lees and made amazing black olive and goat cheese bread as well.