Chef Sarda Desmond

A British native with Indian heritage, Sarda discovered cooking at the age of 12 in an English Home Economics class. Upon moving to the US in 1985, she started at the very ground floor of the restaurant world, learning the ins and outs of fine food creation from every possible angle. Along the way she honed her skills from waitress and banquet server, to assistant to the executive chef at Pebble Beach Resorts — ultimately landing in Capitola as co-owner and menu diva at Ostrich Grill. Most recently, she taught high-risk kids the art of creating high-end meals at Rancho Cielo Drummond Culinary Academy. While she earned Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry certifications here in Monterey, for Sarda food is not a profession; it is home and it’s where she shines.

Known for her warm hospitality, she has an uncanny ability to anticipate guests’ needs before they even have the opportunity to express them. With over 25 years spicing up the kitchens of northern California, nobody serves up fresh, fusion comfort food like she does!